03 October 2017

Benefits of Podcasting

I’ve mentioned several times on the show that becoming a podcaster has opened doors for me in many ways. It has changed my outlook and turned me into the type of person that tries new things and asks for what I want.

It has also led to me having the opportunities to speak to many outstanding people. The developers with whom I have interacted are amazing and inspiring. This is so much the case that I want to share my experience with all of you. I have done so via the podcast and you’ve gotten to experience my conversations as a fly-on-the-wall via listening to the episodes, but I think there’s something more I can provide in this realm.

I want to help you have interactions with some amazing folks as well.

Remote Conference

Getting to interact with top-notch developers is a treat. I have benefitted greatly from reaching out and having excellent conversations. My life is better because of having done it.

In order to share that experience and get you closer to what I have gone through in bringing you the amazing interviews I have had with awesome folks, I have decided to put on a remote conference for software developers.

I am pleased to announce that the Developer On Fire Remote Conference will take place from January 22 - January 24, 2018. You can find out more and purchase your ticket on the site by clicking on the link.

After getting responses to a survey I created about interest in such an event, I have reached out to several desired speakers that were requested via the survey. The site reflects some of the amazing people who have agreed in principle (though not firmly yet without more details and a talk submission process).

Want to Speak?

I am currently taking submissions for talks that potential speakers think would benefit attendees. Do you have something to share with my audience of awesome geeks? If so, please go ahead and submit your talk proposal.

New and Exciting (and Terrifying)

This is something I haven’t done before. I want to put together an event that will delight all attendees. As I move forward and “punch fear in the face” to make this event happen, I am responding to the fear rather than acting in its’ absence. I don’t know that this is going to be a success, but I’m looking forward to finding out. If you have suggestions for how to make this awesome, please let me know. The comments on this post are a great way to do that or email me: dave at developeronfire dot com.

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